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And Why It's My Mission To Help Our Returning Heroes

It’s always felt reassuring to help. Help the old lady whose oranges are rolling down the street, listen to a friend who is in crisis, holding the door for a mother of four with a child strapped to her back and without a doubt, pregnant. Who knows where it comes from. We’re all helpful, but as in most situations in life, it’s measured in degrees. It’s not one setting for everyone. I think it’s good to surround yourself by people who have a helping spirit. That’s been my experience. If you ever wonder how you can help in this incredibly interesting, entertaining, heartening, dangerous world, you won’t go without opportunity. I have a heart for those crushed by life…crushed but still with us, relatively speaking.

My name is Dean Popiel and I am an honorably discharged, combat United States Marine. I served from 1982-1986, on active duty and then 1987-1988 in an inactive reserve status. I understand the trauma of war. I understand the horror that accompanies it. I understand the pain. I understand the lack of understanding from family members. If you’ve ever been inside the suicide-arena, due to combat-related experiences, I understand.

I want to offer you a way to help that’s been documented to do just that. You see, since my discharge back in 1988, and long before that, music has been my therapy. What boy in my age group didn’t understand the enormous benefit of a gorgeous or crushing tune to calm the nerves? I have been given the gift of song. Songs that have made many people shed tears, no…not because they want it to stop, just because it elicits deep-seated feelings. Where does it come from? It comes from a place of pure potentiality. From what some call, “the field”. It’s the environment we’ve been given to learn about. I am beyond pleased that I have been chosen as a receptacle of some truly gorgeous songs. I can say that, confidently, because even though I claim authorship, I don’t claim authorship. It’s like going out for a pass in football or soccer. You just field the ball. You don’t have anything to do with the ball, other than catching it. There are a few testimonials to the music I’ve been given from a few dear friends, as well.

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Here’s my plea, and a way you can help…I want to give away the proceeds of the download of one of my songs, named “Amen”, to an organization called Project Welcome Home Troops. (projectwelcomehometroops.org) They offer a proven post-traumatic stress remediation program called The Power Breath Meditation Workshop. Two prestigious colleges here in the United States have researched the program and found that it’s efficacy in reducing the symptoms of PTSD is 40 to 50%. These are staggering numbers if you deal with PTSD. The colleges are Stanford University in Palo Alto, California and The University of Wisconsin located in Madison, Wisconsin. The Palo Alto VA War Related Injury and Illness Center is also conducting a 4-year clinical trial on the program.

100% of the proceeds of the download of Amen will be donated to this highly effective organization to further the relief they are offering to my brothers and sisters in arms, and our families, free of charge. Please research Project Welcome Home Troops and decide if this is a good idea. We think it is! Thank you…and don’t give up!



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Raise Awareness Locally and Across the Country To Magnify The Need to Help Our Returning Troops Cope with and Transition to Normal Life.


Dean will reach out through his music and through organizing and reach out to those that can help.

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